The Life of Shinke


Posted on: July 5, 2010

Here I was having a fine evening, tending to my virtual citizens on Ikariam and about to turn in for a night of reading snuggled between the sheets and my pillows…pathetic yes, comfortable, very. When all of a sudden I check Facebook and one of my phone service providers is having a give-away. All I have to do is tell them the Quarter Finalists for World Cup 2010. Easy peasy as I have a football widget sitting right on my homepage. I think nothing of it as I’m always late for these things anyway. Then I realize it just went up and only 1 person has responded with the comment “Not a World Cup fan”.  Feeling lucky I open up my homepage and type out the 8 teams to make it while everyone else fires off the Semi-Finalists. I send in my results and check to make sure I’m the first with the 8. I am.

I wait one whole hour willing them to return and announce the winner.

They return, only to announce that the guy that answered about a minute after me is the winner. WTF! So now I’m pissed because I waited all that time to be cheated out of my prize. I can accept being wrong or being too late but being right and the first and being passed over like that…no that is completely unacceptable. I feel like giving them a piece of my mind and deleting them from my feed but seeing that would only reflect badly on me and be petty I shall refrain. UGH! This is why I don’t enter these speed competitions. I prefer the ones where they pick the winner out of a pool of contestants. Sighz! Now they’ve ruined my mood.

Deep breaths….woosah. *sighz*

I feel better now. Time to snuggle up with “Chesapeake Blue” and the sexy Seth Quinn. A girl can dream right? 🙂



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