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Chesapeake Bay Series

Posted on: July 9, 2010

Hey guys! On Tuesday I finished reading the last book in the Chesapeake Bay series. Yaaaay!!! I’m so happy. I would have come on immediately after to rave about it but my Internet was down…booooo!!!

Anywho the Chesapeake Bay series is about three brothers, Cameron, Ethan, and Philip that were taken in by a lovely couple Ray and Stella Quinn when they were kids. Ray and Stella gave them a home and a chance at something good in life and they turned out wonderful. Now that they’re all grown, and Stella has died Ray takes in another troubled kid, 10 year old Seth DeLaunter. Unfortunately on his way back from Baltimore old Ray Quinn meets in an accident and succumbs to his injuries after getting his three sons to promise to take care of Seth.

With a promise to honour, Cameron, Ethan and Philip all move back to the little white house with the blue trimmings by the water to take care of their new brother Seth. And if looking after an abused boy with a smart mouth and an objection to being touched wasn’t enough rumours are flying that Seth is Ray’s biological love child that he had cheating on Stella and that the crash he was in was no accident, he’d committed suicide out of shame.

And so starts the first book, Sea Swept. This first book is about Cam moving back home, learning to settle down and enjoy life in the slow lane for once, and the beginning of the family business, Boats by Quinn. It shows how Cam and Seth’s relationship develops as he moves from protecting Seth because of a promise to his dead father to doing it out of love for the boy. Anna Spenelli, Seth’s case worker plays a vital role in this book as she encourages the relationship between the two and help the Quinns keep Seth in their custody. Inevitably she and Cam end up in a relationship and fall in love. This is a Nora Roberts novel after all.

The problem I had with this book was the lack of serious conflict in the relationship. Their love affair went too smoothly for my liking. She was the boy’s case worker for heaven’s sake. No one wondered if that would make her recommendation that they keep Seth biased? Her employer had no problem with the affair, she had no problem with the affair. She was so straight forward and practical about everything. *sigh* I guess I just missed the drama of relationships. For that reason I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

The second book, Rising Tides I read about a year ago and loved. It’s about the second brother Ethan Quinn and his long time friend and love Grace Monroe. This book was wonderful and I loved every minute of it. It was one part family one part romance. In this book Seth’s love for the older Quinns and his trust in them grows especially when Gloria rears her ugly head again. The love story between Ethan and Grace was just so real. The drama, the fights, the reservations. It all made sense and it all made you grieve for young Ethan that lives inside him. I had no problem with this book as it continued Cam and Anna’s story instead of forgetting them on the sidelines and for that reason I gave it a 5 out of 5.

The third book in this lovely series was Inner Harbour which was about the last Quinn to be taken in, Philip. Philip was never my favourite character as he was mostly in Baltimore and dealt with the details in the background and seemed a bit resentful towards Seth but in this book he’s thrown into the spotlight. We get the full back story on him and we get to know him a little better. His love interest turns out to be the half-sister of Gloria DeLaunter and the aunt of Seth Quinn, Sybil Griffin. The mystery of Seth’s relation to Ray is also revealed in this book and all I can say is thank God. Lol!

Truth be told I didn’t like Sybil at the beginning of this book. She was reserved and very stand offish to me. She was also very naive when it came to her sister which just annoyed me. She grew up in this book, standing up for herself, coming out of her shell and interacting rather than observing from a distance. In the end I was very proud of the person she became. Especially after she kicked Gloria’s ass and sent her on her way for good. And for that reason I give Inner Harbour a 4 out of 5.

The final addition to this would be trilogy was Chesapeake Blue and it takes place 18 years in the future from the other three. I loved it because it was like a reunion where I got to catch up with all the characters I loved. I got to meet all the new Quinns, and even an old Quinn *hint hint* for one last hurrah.

Seth of course is now 29 and very much capable of having a love affair. His love interest is Druscilla Whitcomb-Banks, a florist that just moved to the Shore to start her own business. Everything seems to be going great until Gloria rears her nasty head again and all you can think is, isn’t she dead yet? It would seem she never really went away and has been hitting Seth up for money since he was 14, a small detail he hadn’t bother sharing with the other Quinns.

Since Seth is now a famous painter and the family business is doing so well Gloria has decided she would like her share, 1 million dollars. Thankfully Dru pushes him to his senses and he confessed to his family and in true Quinn fashion they show Gloria up for the scum she really is and sends her on her way. Just when you think everything is as it should be and the good guys have won Nora throws a little reality our way and allows Gloria to get even. This ending I think is very fitting as it shows that they can’t get rid of Gloria forever but they can deal with her as a family whenever she rears her ugly head. For that reason I gave Chesapeake Blue a 5 out of 5.

This series shows the true meaning of family and shows that it doesn’t matter how you start out, given a chance you can change your life and be happy. I love the series and I would recommend it to everyone. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 overall.


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