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Spain for the Win!

Posted on: July 12, 2010

Spain Fans
Image by mitsurinho via Flickr

Why I’m up at this God forsaken hour is beyond me but since I’m up I figured I’d do an update.

Lucky you!

First and foremost World Cup is over. Woooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Queue the applause and vicious booing. Lol! I love football as much as the other gal but when it interrupts my regular TV programming a month is long enough. I know many of you are going through World Cup withdrawal but it’s okay, football season isn’t over yet. In fact the UEFA Championship League is just around the corner.

Okay okay shut up already and talk about the winners. Lol!

Mani who? Parrot say what? It seems Paul is the predicting creature to watch as he pegged it right. Spain went on to win the World Cup not Netherlands Mani, Spain. In a battle to the death overtime, overtime, OVERTIME Spain managed to land the first and only goal of the match in the 116th minute. The scorer and hero of this game? Andres Iniesta. And for all those ready to follow this great man’s career he plays for Barcelona.

This is Spain’s first World Cup title and boy are they stoked. And who could blame them? They are now World champs. Not everyone can say that ya know. So for everyone else who lost, take it down a notch and let them enjoy it.

As a citizen from a past colony of Spain it is my pleasure to say ¡Viva España! Well done Spain, you deserved it. 🙂

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