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Posted on: December 27, 2010

I recently watched Model Behavior and Starstruck and realized just how much movies influence my music choices and how easily they bring me back to the era in which the movie was made.

Let me explain.

Movies introduce me to a lot of songs that I might not have heard otherwise.

For instance Cruel Intentions introduced me to Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve which is one of my all favourite songs….the movie too and Model Behavior introduced me to Hello World by Belle Perez.

Also movies are normally steeped in the time period in which the movie takes place and hence solves the problem of time travel.

If I want to return to my favourite decade, the 90s all I need is a good 90s movie such as Model Behavior.

The fashion, the slangs, the trends of the era are all there. And it makes me happy, it allows me to enjoy what I miss about it.

The crazy hairstyles, the brightly coloured and patterned pants, the belly bearing tops and the fun of the 90s are all there for my enjoyment.

Music videos and books help conjure up the past as well so definitely check those out if you feel like time travelling today.

So that brings me to my top songs of last week, which just happen to be movie inspired.

1. Something About The Sunshine – Anna Margaret

2. Hero – Sterling Knight (Christopher Wilde)

3. Hello World – Belle Perez

4. Let That Be Enough – Switchfoot

5. All The SameSick Puppies

Which one of your favourite songs was featured in a movie soundtrack? Let me know in the comments.

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