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It’s the second week of school and it already sucks.

Lies…it started sucking on the very first day!

Labs, lectures, tutorials, follow-up labs, dissections….ugh!

I have two jam-packed days at the beginning of the week where I can hardly find time to breathe much less eat and then a lax day on Wednesday and a half day Thursday which I have to use to study and then 2-3 days of helping my folks out at work and in all that I have to find time to write-up my labs.

I’m beyond tired, my timetable isn’t set in stone yet…I still have more tutorials to work in and I have so much to read in so little time that I’m way behind.

How will I survive the next ten weeks?

Now I remember why there was a huge two months gap on my blog the last time school started…I just didn’t have the time to write anything.

I’ve decided however that I will try to write at least one entry over the weekend and schedule it to be posted during the week.

That way I can keep up with my post a week challenge and not be a bum.

My reading challenges are also going to the dogs as well but as soon as I get into the rhythm I’ll be right on track.

I refuse to fail, REFUSE!

Surprisingly I’ve kept up with my tv shows, just goes to show you were my priorities lie, lol.

Just kidding, it’s just easier to multi-task while watching a show than writing a blog entry.

So what has you stressing this week?

School, work, relationships, life in general?

Let me know in the comments below.


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