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Posted on: May 12, 2011

Today is officially the second day of summer!

My final exam ended at 6pm on May 10th and I was so so very VERY happy.

So happy that I went home and slept like there was no tomorrow.

I know I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but when you’re as tired as I was it was simply heavenly.

Imagine the joys of going to sleep and knowing that when you awake the following morning there would nothing demanding your attention.

No exams to study for, no papers to write, no labs to finish, no classes to attend.

You were going to enjoy a day or pure, clean, unadulterated NOTHINGNESS!

It was a wonderful feeling and thanks to my wonderful parents I got to wake up to my dream world.

I got up at 10 and everyone was gone, the house was mine and I could do whatever I wanted with my day.

Granted while I was studying I had set aside this day to catch up on all the chores I had avoided due to my crazy exam schedule.

I’d even named the clean up Operation Whirlwind.

But after awaking to my lovely dream I couldn’t ruin it by doing housework. That would ruin the point of the first day of summer.

So I put Operation Whirlwind off till the weekend and enjoyed my day.

I watched House and NCIS and played Mario on my brother’s Gameboy.

All in all it was a great day that left me rested and relaxed to enjoy the freedom of summer.

How was your first day of summer? Did you sleep it away, party it away or relax it away?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Summer! 🙂


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