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Posted on: July 4, 2011

After listening to Pride & Prejudice last week and hearing about all the long handwritten letters they sent to one another I began to yearn for letters myself.

When I was a little girl my aunt moved away to the states and so to keep in touch we use to write each other letters. It was such a joy to come home and see that letter on the table waiting for you. The anticipation, the suspense. What will she say, what would your response be.

I lament the passing of those times, because as technology became more prevalent the letters were replaced by emails and if she wasn’t so against text messages, emails would be replaced by that too.

There is still anticipation for what she’ll say but it’s not as high because I know I’ll be answered in a couple of minutes, a couple of hours tops.

I think the world has fallen into this trap of instant gratification. Phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, the ease of communication that these things provide make us very impatient people. My brother grew up in the computer age and he can’t wrap his mind around people waiting weeks for a response to anything.

It makes me happy that I was born in time to enjoy that type of life. Writing letters, waiting until it was Sunday to call my relatives with a calling card, it made those connections special. It made me slow down and make memories, it made everything special. It made the bonds I have with those people unbreakable.

Everything is so fast paced these days. Things are said fleetingly, words are easily forgotten, connections made and lost within a day, all because it’s so easy you don’t take time to appreciate the bond you’re making.

I’m not saying you should abandon your new means of communication and revert to the past. After all I have nothing against technology, I love technology, but it can make communication a distant and cold endeavor at times.

All I’m saying is we need to appreciate what we have, the wonderful ability to communicate when we want, where we want, whenever we want, day or night.We need to slow down and enjoy our conversations and the people we’re talking to and make great memories just like when we use to write letters.

Were you ever the letter writing type? Do you miss those days?

Let me know in the comments below.

Yours truly,



5 Responses to "Letters"

I was a major letter writer and I definitely miss it. It’s funny, I was just thinking today that I wish people still wrote letters. I think the instant gratification of our society has made us so impatient. I definitely have to remind myself to slow down and appreciate life. I hope when I have kids I can instill that in them. Remembering to stop and appreciate life, and not always rush and take our instant connected world forgranted.

Please do. They’ll thank you for it in the end. πŸ™‚

I still write letters. Every day. I feel I owe it to my friends – they would be devastated if I stopped.

It is something of a sacrifice, really…

Lol! I see what you mean. Well thank you for keeping the art alive. πŸ™‚

Oh, Shiney, I live for others…

Thank you for your sympathy!

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