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Posted on: July 20, 2011

I recently attended my brother’s graduation ceremony and while I was there picked up some valuable life lessons I wish I had learnt when I was graduating.

Life Lesson #1: Leave Your Failures in the Past

This is something I wish I had grasped from early on because if I did I wouldn’t have to be dealing with it now.

Failure was never an option in my house, it is highly looked down upon…I mean Bs are highly looked down upon, we were taught to reach for the skies and I was always pretty good at doing this. I mean I’ve stumbled a bit but I’d never outright failed anything…until I got to University that is.

Imagine spending your entire life thinking you could never fail and then dropping the ball so bad you have to repeat a year. Exactly! Scarred me for life. Now I have a crippling fear of exams and their effect on my life. I pray for good grades until I get to the exam door and then I amend it to I’d like good grades but at the very least PLEASE LET ME PASS!

I’m trying to get over this syndrome now. Trying to regain my confidence in my abilities and leave my one time hiccup in academic life behind me so that I don’t repeat it.

I hope my brother learns this lesson now so that if and when he fails something he can move on with confidence and accomplish his goals.

Life Lesson #2: Be Yourself

High school is a very tricky segment of our lives and most people get it wrong. We change our behaviour to conform to these new standards in our lives so that we don’t feel left out.

I was very shy in high school because the first couple times I tried to show people the real me, the quirky, break into song and dance, fun-loving side I was met with a lot of insults and laughter that made me withdraw into myself. Eventually I found some loving friends that allowed me to come out of this shell but I never really lost most of the insecurities until I got to University and even now I still haven’t gotten rid of all of them.

I hope my brother doesn’t have to go through all that and can stay true to himself through all the ups and downs or high school. I hope he finds true friends and doesn’t settle for the ones that just want him to be a copy of themselves. To quote a speaker at the ceremony “It’s better to be a first class version of yourself than a second class version of someone else.”

Life Lesson #3: Don’t Lose Sight of Your Dreams

The final lesson I learnt was not from the speakers at the podium but the staff in the audience. Ten years ago I was standing on that stage at a different church accepting my leaving certificate and prizes and the same people were sitting in the audience cheering me on.

I always thought they picked up the job of cooking, cleaning, selling in the canteen as a side job to get them through a rough patch. I believed they chose those jobs to hold them over until they could get their life in order and then reach for the stars. However ten years later they’re doing the same thing for little more than minimum wage.

Now I might be wrong and they may be happy in their line of work but I believe they got lost along the way. They probably had children or something and thought it better to keep the job they have and support themselves and their families than to leave it in hopes of bettering themselves.

It’s a fine line and this is how most people’s dreams get sidelined but I hope we all remember to reach for the stars and hold on to our dreams, make a leap of faith and NEVER EVER get stuck doing something we hate just to get by.

I hope these three life lessons inspire you to be a better version of yourself and always strive to achieve your goals.

Do you think these lessons would have helped you at 12?

Think they’ll help you now?

Let me know in the comments below.


3 Responses to "Life Lessons"

Great advice and definitely motivating. I let myself get stuck doing a job I hated and I finally got the courage to quit a few months ago. It was incredibly liberating and I’m so glad I did it. Good luck to your brother-post high school is such a great time!

Gotta love what you’re doing else it’s just work and nobody wants that. Lol! It’s his pre-high school days, these words of wisdom was from his Prep school graduation. πŸ™‚

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