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Posted on: August 22, 2011

A couple of weeks ago while listening to Books on the Nightstand Ann or Michael I can’t remember which one mentioned a blog written by a woman that read a book a day for a year.

Yes, that’s 365 books and these weren’t small picture books either, these were good-sized books, tomes even. Plus she reviewed every one of them. O.O

So you must be wondering why she would take on such a challenge? Well one of her sisters died and to combat the grief and depression she started to fill her days with activities in hopes of living a full life to compensate for the one her sister lost. However after a couple of years of this she realized that living a full life and having a full social planner isn’t always synonymous and turned to her old love of reading.

She decided that for a year she would only read books her sister would read and they had to a certain size, as I said no small picture book and she would read one a day. This was what helped her overcome the grief of losing a beloved sister and to enjoy life again.

Tis a very touching story if I ever heard one and it inspired me to start reading like my old self again. I used to read at every spare moment, reading was preferred over all other types of entertainment and little could pull me away. But now tv shows, reality tv, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, the Internet in general are all taking precedence over my books.

She’s inspired me to rectify that immediately and return to the wonders of my books and the happy security they offered. So instead of watching tv I’ll read a book and instead of listening to podcasts I’ll listen to an audiobook. Books were my world and its high time I return them to their rightful place.

Her name is Nina Sankovitch, her blog is Read All Day and her book documenting her year of reading is Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading. Check it out!

Has anyone influenced you lately?

Hope it’s to do something positive.

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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