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A Year Of Challenges: Results

Posted on: December 31, 2011

A year ago I decided to undertake five, count ’em FIVE reading challenges. At this point I have realized my insanity with all the work I had to do this year. These goals were rather ambitious and I graciously accept defeat in most if not all my challenges.

Challenge #1: War & Peace Read-Along

I never finished this book, didn’t even half or quarter it, I barely scratched the surface. I got as far as the army inspection after the boys were deployed and stopped. I lost interest and when next I picked up a book it was anything but War and Peace. I imagine one day I’ll finish it as I hate starting a book and not finishing it, even if I don’t like it, I have to see it through, just in case it turns the corner and becomes magnificent.

Challenge #2: Read 50 Books in 2011

Yeah, about that I’ve read 19 books. Which is sad since in my A Year Of Challenges: Progress Report post I had read 12. However I cite school, work and sleep as the reason for my lackluster performance, school was brutal this semester, it’s a miracle I made it out alive. oO

Challenge #3: Fill In The Gaps – 100 Books That Fell Through The Cracks In 5 Years

As this challenge doesn’t end until January 1, 2016 I still have time to complete it and redeem myself. Since my last report I have dispatched three more making my final tally for 2011, six.

#4: Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot

#6: Sense & Sensibility – Jane Austen

#8: Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

#9: Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen

#30: A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

#90: The Vampire Diaries Series – L.J. Smith

Challenge #4: Nicholas Sparks

Technically I have completed this challenge but not how I had planned to. The challenge merely asks for me to complete 1-4 Nicholas Sparks books but my goal was to read four, I only read two; The Notebook and A Walk To Remember.

Challenge #5: Harry Potter

As I stated in my progress report I never got around to re-reading these books but I will someday, possibly in audiobook format. 🙂

Bonus Challenge: WordPress Post A Week 

Yeah, I have not posted a blog post a week and have not amassed 52 posts in 2011 and as such fail this challenge as well but I have tried to post more often, if that is any consolation.

So all in all this year was a failure for my challenges, it could be due to the pressure to complete them (my mind tends to procrastinate when told to do something) or the lack of time due to my obligations, or a combination of both. As a result I have vowed not to take any challenges this year, except of course the fill in the gaps which will continue until 2016 and see if my performance is any better when I’m not bound to reading.

Did you fare any better on your reading challenges this year? I sure hope so.

Let me know in the comments below.

Be safe ringing in the new year and happy reading! 🙂


7 Responses to "A Year Of Challenges: Results"

I’ve read most of the books you mention. Good lucks with you remaining and new goals 🙂

Thank you and same to you! 🙂

Wow, those are pretty hard challenges to complete all together, personally that is.

With my schedule, yes it was but I was optimistic in January, lol! Now that I look at them I’m like WTH was I thinking. Smh!

[…] 2011 Challenges A Year Of Challenges: Results […]

50 books in a year? If you don’t work, go to school, have kids/pets or have any other full-time responsibilities, that might be doable. Otherwise, when would you find the time? It’s an admirable goal, even if it is a little unrealistic.

My reading goal for 2011 was to read a minimum of a book a month. I read 20 books for the year, so I feel pretty darn good about that. In 2012, I’d like to read 2 books a month. And try to read more contemporary fiction, since I tend to gravitate toward the classics.

Awesome post! Happy reading!

I realized it was rather ambitious when school started lol. I read over thirty the year before so that’s why I thought it plausible.

Eight extra, NICE! Hope you’re able to achieve your goal this year! 🙂

Thanks for the support! 🙂

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