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Photography, A Hobby

Posted on: January 3, 2012

Photographs, pictures, stills, pics, proofs, whatever you call them, I love them. Whenever listing hobbies there are two things that are ever-present on my list, reading and photography. My love for books you can spot immediately but I think photography is my hidden love, my secret love.

As a child I was always eager to take pictures with my mom’s then point and shoot Nikon camera, bonus perk, it was purple! I loved it so much I joined my high school‘s photography club in 8th grade. Our instructor had us practice our technique on her expensive cameras and our composition and creativity on our own point and shoot cameras. So of course I got myself a roll of film and took pictures like crazy. Some were good, some were bad but because of it I have pictures documenting that year of school.

In tenth grade I traveled to the US and took a road trip across 6 of the 50 states documenting it on my aunt’s, soon to become my camera as I went. I have such great prints from that trip, I then used it to document my last days before graduation.

After that I moved into digital photography with my friend’s digital camera, she would bring it to big school events such as sports day and allow me to capture the day in my own way. We parted for University and my only camera was the webcam on my laptop, sad but still useful.

Last year I got an iPodTouch for my Christmas present and I was beyond overjoyed because it had not one but two cameras. I use it to take mostly portraits for my FB pic, random hang out pics of my friends and beautiful landscape when I’m lucky enough to catch them.

I’ve been using Instagram to enhance my pictures but have only been posting a few as I thought everything I shot was pretty mundane and not worth posting. It has always been in the back of my mind however to pursue photography, my hidden hobby. The biggest problem of course is my lack of an actual camera, which I thought was necessary for proper photography. That is until I went online and saw all the beautiful photos people have been taking with their iPhones all over the world.

Then it hit me, all I needed was a camera app to get me started and boost the cameras I already had on my iPod. After all the best camera is the one you have. And as simple as that my problem was solved. I downloaded Camera+ and am now on my way.

In researching how to jump-start my secret hobby I found out that the creator of Camera+ has a fabulous website called Mostly 365 which challenges photographers, both amateur and professional, young and old to take and upload a photo a day everyday for a year by tweeting the picture with the hashtag #mostly365. Even though I think that’s a pretty cool challenge I doubt I’ll be able to keep up once school begins, I will try my best to submit often though.

Two other photoblogs to check out are MostlyLisa and Stuck In Customs. Flickr and Tumblr are also filled with beautiful pictures.

Are you fascinated by photography?

Do you share my love for photos?

Do you have a secret hobby you’d like to share?

Let me know in the comments below.

As a treat I’ve included my most prized picture from 2011, enhanced with Instagram below.

Happy picture snapping! 🙂


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