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The Vampire Diaries Series

Posted on: January 5, 2012

As all avid Vampire Diaries‘ fans will know, the series returns tonight January 5th on The CW at 8/7c. In honour of its return I will finally give my thoughts on the books that inspired the series.

This book series comprises of at least nine titles by L.J. Smith and a couple spawned from the TV series but I will only be talking about the original three, The Awakening, The Struggle and The Fury.

The first thing I noticed when I started reading is that it’s dramatically different from the TV series. Now I am aware that the books came first but as I watched and fell in love with the series first, I see the changes as such. Elena is a blonde, ultra popular stuck up people user, Bonnie is a weak, whiny red-head, Caroline is a bitchy, vindictive brunette and there is a best friend that doesn’t make it to the series named Meredith. Jeremy has magically morphed into a four-year-old girl named Margaret, Aunt Jenna who is not Aunt Judith is engaged, the Salvatore boys can shape shift if they have enough power gained from drinking blood, Katherine is all-powerful, and Mystic Falls is now Fell’s Church and more importantly not the birthplace of the Salvatores.

Even with these changes and others not mentioned I still thought I could enjoy the story however I found the characters to be weak, annoying, and very unlovable especially when compared to their stronger counterparts in the TV series. The story was interesting at best, not spectacular but interesting enough to carry me through the three books. I did end up figuring everything out before they were revealed but unfortunately it didn’t bring me as much joy as when I guess a twist in the TV series plot. There is one twist that I did not see coming and hopefully neither will you, as it does keep you interested in the story L.J is trying to convey.

I didn’t enjoy the books very much, partly because of the differences and partly because the characters are so weak. There are other books as I stated before but the way The Fury ended was so final that I can only see a gimmick being used to put the story back on track to do six more books and at the moment I’m not in the mood for a gimmick. I highly doubt I’ll ever return to it but if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know if it gets better and grows into its own.

I give The Vampire Series, Part 1, a 2, 2.5 out of 5. My suggestion is to just watch the show. They take what this book wanted to be and did it so much better. Julie Plec and her fleet of writers do a great job every episode pulling you in, making you sweat, building the story and the romance that I think the books lacked for the most part. The acting is amazing, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, everyone the cast is just AMAZING!

So thumbs down for the book, thumbs up for the show but as we couldn’t have the show without the books I do appreciate them being made, I just wish they were better.

Love any shows or movies based on a book?

Have you read the books and been disappointed?

Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t miss The Vampire Diaries this evening at 8/7c.

If you haven’t started watching you should, it’s awesome, it’s just in its third season, I know you can catch up.

Happy viewing! 🙂


P.S. I wasn’t able to publish this post this morning. Hope you enjoyed the episode. 🙂


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Ten thumbs up for the picture!!! 😀 LOVE Damon

So do I! 😀

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