The Life of Shinke

25: The Beginning Of the End

Posted on: August 27, 2014

Hey guys!

Long time no see…again. I know, I know! I keep trying to be consistent with this blog but life is very demanding and she does not like to share. I will however attempt once more to be more consistent in my updates. If not once a day, at the very least once per week. *pinky promise*

So yesterday I hit the big 2-5, the proverbial beginning of the end.

Or so I thought when I was a kid but truth be told we’re not living in the 17th century where the life expectancy was 35. I, theoretically, have a long and happy life ahead of me.

So what does the quarter quell signal the end of exactly?

The end of partying and wild abandon? The end of frivolous spending and dependency? For most people, yes.

This is the year that you’ll reassess your life and redefine your goals. You’ll take stock of what you have accomplished, what you haven’t, why you haven’t and how you go about fixing that.

You’ll start transitioning from having a job to having a career, start thinking about having kids (or not having kids), getting married and buying a house, being independent and debt free.

It’s quite a lot to take in and it normally results in a mid-twenties crisis but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.

So cheers to the beginning of the end, I’ll see you on the other side a better and stronger person!

Keep calm and carry on! 🙂


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