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Quidditch World Cup

Posted on: September 2, 2014

Three years ago J.K. Rowling put down her Harry Potter pen and vowed not to continue the series but I knew she couldn’t stay away from Harry for long and I was right.

A few weeks ago on her site Pottermore, articles about the Quidditch World Cup started popping up by Ginny Potter (nee Weasley) and in the grand finale an article by Rita Skeeter herself.

The article spoke about the appearance of Dumbledore’s Army at the World Cup and what they have been up to all these years.

While it doesn’t offer much new information that the epilogue didn’t provide, Rita’s spin on the events are quite interesting. She suggests conspiracy theories, cover up stories and tension in the beloved group while self promoting her new book “Dumbledore’s Army: The Dark Side of the Demob”.

This of course gave rise to the hope that Ms. Rowling will indeed pen another Harry Potter novel with an older gang.

While I would love to read another Harry Potter book I am a bit nervous that should she pen one it wouldn’t stand up to the originals. This is not because I doubt her as a writer, I think she’s amazing, I’ve just never had much luck with “sequels”.

Case in point, Lion King. The original Lion King is an amazing movie and the sequel is nothing to write home about.

That being said, she’s an amazing writer and I’m sure if she chooses to write another Harry Potter story, it will be phenomenal!

On the other hand, can we just talk about the awesomeness that is the Quidditch World Cup? I freaked out when I saw that J.K. sent Jamaica as well as other small countries to the World Cup! To me that is awesome that she didn’t just stick with big world powers and of course there is the added benefit that we are now immortalized in Harry Potter history!

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Are you excited at the potential of a new book?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading! 🙂







8 Responses to "Quidditch World Cup"

I’m a fan, though I’m not too sure if I would want a new book.

Thanks for commenting Jeyna!

Are you nervous it won’t stand up to the originals? Or do you think it’ll feel like a continuation for continuation’s sake?

I think it will feel like a continuation for continuation sake. The series ended so well, there really is no need for there to be another book.

That’s what I think too but at the same time I’m not against small peeks into the future because I am curious about their life post Voldemort/Hogwarts. Although I’d prefer a more reliable source that Rita Skeeter.

Haha! Me too! I can’t believe a word Skeeter writes.

No one can but who would you pick as a reliable narrator?

I don’t mind Ginny. But Luna would be nice to read from 🙂

Yes! Luna would tell such an interesting story. Great choice! 🙂

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